Icabad Crane “Eventing With The Stars”

Written by Maggie Kimmitt on August 23, 2015

With his partner Phillip Dutton aboard, Icabad Crane made an appearance at “Eventing With The Stars” this afternoon. The event was presented by Dutton and fellow Pan American Games gold medalist Boyd Martin at Windurra USA, the home base of Martin and his wife Silva in Cochranville, Pennsylvania.  The appreciative and knowledgeable crowd spent the day enjoying exhibitions by Dutton and Martin on several different mounts in dressage, cross country and show jumping.

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4 comments on “Icabad Crane “Eventing With The Stars”

    1. Congrats Maggie on photos of grand horse making continuing progress under superb tutor, wish I could see such a performance in real life……..good luck to all concerned

  1. He looks great. He was a great ride on the track as well. I will never forget the determination he showed winning the Evan Shipman at toga flying from behind. We were covered in mud. Was a memorable race