Independent George 2003

Independent George was always that! He’s still a little quirky according to his new owner Kari Thorson from North Dakota.  He was originally given to someone in Florida and how he made his way up to a large farm for retired horses in North Dakota is anyone’s guess.  Thankfully Kari got in touch with the farm wanting a grey horse and they chose George for her.  He’s very happy, has put on a load of weight and the photo shows him meeting her Boston Terrier for the first time.  Apparently he was fascinated!  She says he’s adjusted very well to his new life and after a bit more R & R after his rough North Dakota winter she will start riding him.


Independent George 2003

Career Racing Summary
Starts  Firsts  Seconds  Thirds  Earnings
44       8          9           4     $395,464

George meeting dog


We’ve had many very amusing updates along with way from Kari and here is the latest…..I’ve told her she should write a book about him as some of the stories are hilarious!

George and I got home today from another trail riding and camping weekend. We did about 18 miles and he did great. I won’t say he did perfect, because he is still kicking out at unfamiliar horses, AND he tried to brush me off on two separate trees. My knee is swollen and bruised to prove it. But he did impress everyone by the fact he didn’t bat an eye when deer would jump up from the brush 10 feet from us. The other horses about lost their minds but not George. He is learning how to neck rein and really is turning out to be a nice little trail horse. He is accepting the fact that we don’t need to race everywhere and to enjoy life in the slow lane.
On Thursday we are loading him up and heading west. We will spend a few days in the badlands of North Dakota before heading down to the blackhills of South Dakota for a week of camping and trail riding. I am so excited! I’ll be sure to keep you updated on how he does. Who would have guessed he would end up as a trail horse…

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Well George and I made I back from our western adventure. He did so good! We had some set backs, like when he threw two shoes, and I ended up with heat exhaustion. But the trip was super successful for both of us!
George learned a lot and he was super brave. He really likes being a trail horse.
We had some troubles with water crossings at first. His best method of crossing small creeks was to get to the highest point and leap over. That didn’t work so well when we got to crossings that were over 2 feet wide… So he learned (after about 10 crossings) that walking calmly and slowly is the best and safest method to deal with water. He even realized that he could stop and drink at them!

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Loose rein George – who would have imagined?!  And the dreaded cows….