Kanagaro 2008

We recently heard from Kanagaro’s new owner and he has the best home!  Not many people would take on a horse who needed this much rehab time.

“I adopted Roo in February 2017 and he immediately went into a rehab program for a severely bowed tendon. My vet classified it as a grade four tear of the superficial flexor tendon in his right front. When we looked at the ultrasound she was using terms like “shot gun blast” and “swiss cheese.”

We are currently 7 months into a 12-16 month rehab program and he is doing fantastic! I’m not sure there are even words to describe how well he’s progressing. We recently were cleared to ride, and are up to 20 minutes of walking and trotting on the long sides of the ring. Slow and steady keeps the tendon healthy!

Roo has a “cheeky” personality. He’s very curious and wants to be involved in everything. He tries very hard to please, learns really quickly, and he’s got an opinion about absolutely everything! I’m convinced that he’ll put up a “protest” just to see if I’m paying attention. I usually just roll my eyes and keep going. He recently discovered that tiny humans are actually Pez dispensers for horses. (See attached)

Roo should be ready for full work by spring 2018 and my plan is to turn him show hunter/jumper with him. At my age (42) and with his tendon, it won’t be the 3’6” I did as a teen, but I think we’ll settle in around 2’3”. J

Thank you again for being so concerned about him and once his muscles are built back and he’s put on more weight, I’ll share an “after” picture.


Kanagaro 2008

Career Racing Summary:
Starts   Firsts   Seconds   Thirds   Earnings
39          11            5               10      $280,764