Belvoir cross country

Last year at this time Belvoir was in Saratoga to run.  He had an injury so Mr. Shields gave him time off and asked us to find him a home.  This is him a year on, still only 4…….


Emily Siegrist’s e-mail relates:  Attached is a video of Belvoir’s first xcrty school. He was spectacular.  He is coming along splendidly but is prone to injuries, nothing major but he is thin skinned for sure.  I think he likes all the extra attention 🙂 He is the farm favorite for sure.  Kolohe is the perfect nickname for him as his latest and greatest trick is to pull the hats off of people.  He thinks that is great fun.  One time, unbeknownst to me he pulled a bellboot off the fence when I was getting on and carried it in his front teeth 1/2 the trail ride, all of a sudden I saw it fall to the ground.  Very jolly guy.


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