Bonjour mes amis!

Last year Herringswell enjoyed having the services of exercise rider Florence Patarin, who came to us from France.  Nicknamed “Flo Jo” by Adrian, Florence returned to France last Christmas to continue work towards her Ph.D. (she already holds TWO Masters Degrees!)

We received the following update from Flo on Monday:

“Dear Graham and Anita,

My Ph.D. director is going to receive an award at the World Equine Veterinary Association Congress for the research we have been working on for a few years now on atypical myopathy in grazing horses.

Even if it is not going to change the world, I realize how it is important to learn from people like you about horses, horsemanship, professionalism and exchange.  That is why today I just want to thank you for what I have learned and for your support when I was there.”

We all miss Flo and will be happy to see her return to Fair Hill upon completion of her studies!

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