Champions: Shorty and Finley

We don’t only try and find our racehorses the best home on retirement, but the ponies too!  Shorty had been a long time, highly trained racetrack pony.  He retired from Belmont and came to live with us for a few years, doing the Fair Hill, Palm Meadows circuit.  When it became time for him to retire from that career we were very lucky that Michelle Hamrick and her daughter were looking for her first pony.   We knew Michelle from Fair Hill as she galloped there for many years and also knew that he would have a terrific home with her and her family.  What we didn’t know was how Shorty was going to like his new career.  It’s worked out great, he and Fin have an amazing connection and at their very first shows took Grand Champion and Reserve Champion!  Congratulations to everyone and thank you for making us very happy too!


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  1. Patton GoldbergJuly 20, 2020

    Great stuff as always. Congrats too all.

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