11_0521_Shackleford_ww_e-3057But not upset, after all Animal Kingdom did win the Derby and that is huge!  If he had a better break today it would have been a different story, but that’s horse racing – annoying sometimes.  The sand was a lot stickier than Churchill too.  Did he make up some ground though.  Take nothing away from Shakleford, he ran a great race to keep up those fractions but lengths lost at the start are lengths lost at the end.  I don’t think I’ve seen a horse that far back in a Grade I make up that kind of ground since Better Talk Now.  That’s good company!  He’s an amazing horse and top of his class on all surfaces it seems.

Photo by Wendy Wooley

P.S.  Read Joe Clancy’s blog about the race – excellent.

A foot note that I thought was quite amusing.  There’s been quite a bit of press as to how he loves to eat the grass after exercise and doesn’t like to come in.  The other day Noe (our barn foreman who always grazes him) wanted to bring in inside and he wouldn’t budge!  The press were there taking photo’s and he radioed in for help (the assistants and foremans have radios), and nobody would come and help as they thought they would be on camera.  Shy lot!  Noe had to take him around the barn in the other door to outsmart him!

Another thing that was rather amusing is Minute Limit was in her paddock today and the Scottish games across the road started.  They started with the British Anthem, she listened to that, they went on to the Scottish anthem, she listened to that, after the American anthem she stood at the gate to come in!  She was done with National Anthems.{jcomments on}

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