Don’t Quit Dreaming

If anyone follows our Warriors page this guy has been on there for about three years now.  He was very lucky and was accepted to the TRF Second Chances program in Sykesville, Maryland.  Anita went down to visit yesterday and got some sweet photos.

These horses are cared for by inmates at the Correctional Facility, most of whom have had nothing to do with horses before.  They come from all sorts of backgrounds and choose (and are chosen) to join a six month Groom Elite Course where they don’t just learn how to handle thoroughbreds (not always quiet as you can see from the middle photo!), but also how to take excellent care of them, also learning about feed and nutrition.  They graduate at the end with a diploma and most get work in the horse industry afterwards.  These guys come highly recommended.

Sarah Stein, the program manager in Maryland said apart from the physical toll, a lot of these horses suffer from the mental effect too; in Dreamer’s case, lack of confidence.  She said Don’t Quit Dreaming has finally begun to get his back and that is all due to this wonderful program and these guys who love him

The horses there right now are:

Quite Rightly 1998- won 3 times
Liang’s Dancer 1996- won 5 times
Greek Ruler 2003- won 1 time
Judge Luci 2003-  won 4 times
Don’t Quit Dreaming 2011- won 1 time

If you would to donate please go the link above and you will see items they require.  Apart from the list they also need:

“We actually need some stall runners-stall guards –  the single rubber coated chain that goes across the stall door (cross tie) and we could use a good supply of double ended snaps”.




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