Edie’s visit

Edie comes every year to see her favorites and it seems she has a new addition! 

Hi Sue,

Congratulations to the Motions and the website.

Last week I did visit Icabad and Fair Hill. I was so glad that I went. He looks happy, and really became animated when he saw the bag of carrots. He got a few and I was able to get in some hugs so I guess we’re even. I love the barn.  Herringswell is contented professionalism in an informal atmosphere.

Blackie was a hoot. It was near their nap time, but he must have gotten a whiff of the carrots because out of nowhere he appeared. He didn’t look tired at all especially when he inhaled the carrots I gave him. Gala didn’t want to be left out and poked his head over the door. He made short work of the carrots. Pachattack is a sweet beauty. In short, I loved every minute.

I can’t wait until my next visit.


The horses look forward to your visit too!{jcomments on}

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