He’s home

I took some photo’s before I left New Bolton with everyone who has been so kind.  There were lots of others too but not everyone was there today.  Maggie will post them later as she has a better program than I.  She also took some of his homecoming and his reunion with Gala Spinaway which wasn’t quite as dramatic as we anticipated as Gala had just been fed.  He came over for a second with a dirty mouth, looked at him and then went back to his food as if to say “Bad timing Buddy, it’s dinner”!  Meantime, Blackie stared out of his back window which is his favorite thing to do.  Gala did come over afterwards though and Maggie has some cute photo’s of that!

Erin told me a sweet story before I left.  Last night she offered him a carrot which he turned down so she put it in her back pocket but while she was picking out his feet she could feel these little dainty nibbles on her pocket!

As everyone can imagine we are delighted to have him back, will monitor him closely and of course keep everyone updated for a while and thank you so much for your devotion to him.

The New Bolton team from left to right in the second photo (the first one is just as he left his stall and nobody’s ready!{jcomments on}) – Dr. Garcia, Courtnay, Cathy and Erin – thank you everyone.

Kathy Freborn who has been on the front desk at New Bolton for 26 years offers him a peppermint but as usual he’s staring off into space!





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