Hoofit ‘hoofsit!’

Corny I know but that’s what exactly what Hoofit did at Presque Isle last night.  He’s a big horse but obviously fast as the race was five and a half furlongs.  Hoofit came from New Zealand earlier in the year on a horrendous journey that took him half way around the world.  He then went to Gil Johnston’s farm in Tennessee where he survived a tornado.  A week ago he went through an earthquake and a tropical storm at Fair Hill.  Not many horses could boast about being in three extremes within the space of a few months!

Interestingly there is a Hoof It running in England at the moment who is the winner of eight races and Gil Johnston had jokingly said it would be nice if he had the same talent.  He’s a long way to go as this was his first but, who knows?!  Congratulations to Gil who also had a winner at Saratoga on Thursday for her jump trainer Jack Fisher.  The idea of bringing Hoofit from New Zealand was eventually to send him jumping but I’m not sure how five and a half furlongs on the flat stacks up against two miles over jumps!{jcomments on}

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