Horse Of The Year debate

I’ve read so many articles recently on the issue of who should be Horse Of The Year.  Everyone is so in ‘the moment’ and I don’t think it should be judged just on those horses.  Of course I am biased towards Animal Kingdom but please look at the points below.

Animal Kingdom was the only horse to have won and placed in TWO Classic races.

His five starts this year resulted in 2 wins, 2 seconds, the 3rd we know about but he STILL finished 6th with a broken leg!  I know it’s not decided on what could have happened but still, it’s a fact.

If you look at today’s statistics, his win record is the highest percentage of the top four earners this year.

He did all his running up until June.  Everyone else has had all year to achieve their goals.

He ran and WON on two different surfaces.

The Breeders Cup Classic last week was run over the same course and distance as the Derby and with older horses.  Animal Kingdom’s win in the Derby was run nearly a second faster than the Classic.

Please feel free to come up with any other points I may have missed but I really feel he should still be in the running and not forgotten!{jcomments on}



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