Howie Again!

Photo by Jim McCue.  Just Howard has got to be one, if not THE most laid back horses in the barn.  He’s still a colt but doesn’t know it.  He’s beside a filly and doesn’t care; in fact at one time he was behind a filly with the grate open and Lisa, who groomed him at the time said she had to keep checking as he didn’t care!  He’ll even take his peppermint lying down thank you.  The ‘person’ picture that comes to mind is a gentleman who lounges around in his smoking jacket, smoking a cigar!

Anyway, enough of his wonderful personality.  He won his fourth race in a row today, the competitive Grade 3 Commonwealth Derby, who had invaders from New York and even Canada.  He didn’t just win, he set a new track record.  Congratulations to Skeedattle Stables who were all on hand in the winners circle and also congratulations to his jockey Feargal Lynch who was winning his fourth Stake of the day.

Just Howard Keeps Win Streak Alive In Commonwealth Derby


  1. Patton GoldbergOctober 3, 2017

    We were at the finish line all day…and rooted him in.

  2. Marilyn HaleyOctober 3, 2017

    I love the visual of your description Sue. I might have a new favorite to follow. Marilyn

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