Icabad Crane Steps Up

Icabad Crane competed in his first Open Training level Saturday at Fair Hill.  This was his first venture from the novice ranks and he stepped up as he always does!  Maggie Kimmitt and I went to watch and he was amazing!  Sixth place after the dressage, he went clear in the show jumping and clear in the cross country  –  yes, even the dreaded water jump!  It was like watching a horse in a race that you want to do well, I didn’t realise how nervous you can get!  Phillip was delighted with his performance, and I always look in a horse’s eyes and Icabad looked pretty pleased with himself too!  His overall score took him to 5th place out of 14 in the division and Phillip said he was the greenest in the bunch.  Well done to both of them.

Here are a few of Maggie’s photos from the day.  For a complete Icabad gallery, click on the link below and visit Maggie’s website:

Icabad Crane Gallery




































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