Icabad’s Back!

Seems he had a lot of visitors today!  Anita went over earlier and took this video (below) of him.  He had just finished jogging with Evie Dutton and she was delighted with him.  Icabad is very lucky to be where he is now as a few months ago he was kicked and broke his tibia.  It was a bad break and if it was not for the fact that he was a fantastic patient (with patience a mile long as he had stand tied for weeks to let it heal), he would not be where he is now.    Many horses would not have dealt with it and would not have survived.  Thank you to all at Prospect Farm for your love and patience too.  He has become as special to them as he is to us.

Icabad after his jog

Penny Woolley and myself went over later to see him too.  He was back in his stall and looked fantastic.  Chubbier than when I last saw him, having had all the time off, but so happy and a treat hound as ever!  I was holding a carrot and was trying to break it up but he sucked it in like a lollipop!  That and many peppermints later I had to leave before he ate me too!  So wonderful to see him enjoying life.

We also watched SOCS (Sea Of Clouds) exercising.  I hadn’t seem him for a while and he was so professional, doing his half passes, etc!  He’s already at the Intermediate Level and hopefully will go further as he has beaucoup ability.

Next up was RING WEEKEND!  To see him under dressage tack, listening to and learning his rider’s aids and thoroughly enjoying what he was doing was a treat to behold.  He’s always been an athletic looking horse and he certainly looked the part.  He’s just at the beginning of his training but may do a beginners show in a couple of months or perhaps wait until Aiken in the winter as there are many beginner shows down there apparently.

It’s so lovely to see these wonderful Warriors have a terrific second career.  It says a lot to be able to retire these horses sound enough to do this to go on and enjoy their lives.

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