Keg Of Dynamite

{jcomments on}We had a 5 year old gray filly stabled at our barn yesterday while she waited for a Sallee van to take her to Kentucky.  They kindly donated a trip as she was on her way to her final home, the Thoroughbred Retirement Center, Old Friends.  Her story thankfully has a happy ending but it nearly didn’t.  She was orignally a ‘saved’ horse and then along the way was again unwanted and ended up in the kill pen at a New Jersey auction.  Old Friends in Lexington were told about her and decided she would have a home with them for life.  She’s been at a local farm for a couple of months to put on a bit of weight and heal from her ordeal in the pen, emotionally and physically.

She was so calm and sweet and I kept looking at her and wondering what on earth can make anyone take a horse to an auction like that, knowing what will happen to them.  She has an arthritic knee so can’t be raced but could be great for so many other things.  I walked her out to the van and she stood on the ramp and whinnied; to whom, who knows?  I told her how lucky she was and she walked on to the van, stood next to another horse and she was on her way.

We have a couple of horses here who need homes and we are going to make sure we know where they are going.  They’re too special.

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