Laura’s visit

Laura Horah has been a regular visitor to Herringswell Stables over the past two or three years.  She took these photos when the sun was out so they are a bit out of date but they are sweet!  As you can see, she also visited Shared Account at Sagamore Farm.  



Her notes:  “By the way, Blackie was his usual diva-self (as if I would expect anything less from him).  He was accommodating as long as he could hear the crinkling of our peppermint wrappers.  Becky said he could have about 4 or 5.  Once that was over with, he pretty much turned his back on us (we had outlived our usefulness to him).  I do love to see him!  He still has “it” and I think he knows it”.







Gala is always happy to see people!











Stephanoatsee with Elaine with In His Kiss looking rather bored and Tape It looking rather jealous!








Sagamore photos….

Shared Account having a love, with her field mates more interested in the Gator!




Apparently the girls act out like ‘mean’ girls once in a while and Shared Account is always the odd one out as she’s such a sweetie!
















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