Loose on the lead

No, that wasn’t us in the Sky Classic!  It was a 7-1 shot who went way clear and NOBODY took any notice of him!  Maybe because he wasn’t that fancied who knows, but everyone ran their own race 13 lengths behind and nobody caught him on the good ground at Woodbine.  Smart Bid thankfully was the first one behind him. It’s one thing to let a rabbit get so far ahead (but he was a legitimate contender), especially at the slow fractions he was running, 25.2, 48.2.  I wonder how fast everyone else was going?


I don’t usually watch the pacers run but I am fascinated by See You At Peelers.  She is a three year old filly and has already surpassed Zenyatta by winning (today) 22 races out of 22!  She doesn’t take prisoners either, she pushes everyone to their limit and then pulls away!  Watching her head-on her legs are all over the place! {jcomments on}

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