Monday morning

After taking poor Brooke Baker to the hospital with a suspected broken ankle Dr. Garcia called.  He says Blackie is happy and doing well.  His fibrinogen is still not where he wants it to be so they are going to ultrasound his lungs and spleen again to make sure there’s nothing going on there.  He feels sure the pneumonia has totally gone and as the spleen was a little enlarged on admission they want to make sure it is still reducing in size (which it was).  The only drip he has in right now is his antibiotics and it doesn’t hang from the ceiling like the others, it just loops on his neck.  He said he doesn’t know he’s a sick horse when I told him about the walk yesterday!  He’s not going to release him until he is 100% as they really don’t know what caused the problem and want to make sure they have covered all bases.

I’ll try and get photos today and Dr. Garcia said he will meet me at 2pm (walk time).{jcomments on}

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