No Match!

I expect everyone watched last night’s Eclipse awards with interest, especially the end part! 

First of all, many congratulations to Jonathan Sheppard being the first trainer to win awards for both jumping and flat horses in the same year (nobody seemed to mention that).   He gave the best speech too! 

Secondly, the debate seemed to be fuelled again as to whether Zenyatta and Rachel Alexadra should meet for a ‘match’ race.  My opinion for what it’s worth is NO!  For a start they both run on totally difference surfaces so I have no idea what surface would meet in the middle, and secondly both fillies are great so let’s keep it that way.  Match races prove nothing if you run one time.  Look how many horses meet each other in the same races during the course of the year and the result usually ends up differently nearly every time!  In some people’s minds Zenyatta is the best,{jcomments on} in others Rachel Alexandra.  That’s fine by me!

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