No muzzle!

Very pleasant surprise today when I looked in and saw him munching on some hay – and no muzzle!  He is now on free choice hay, which they say he prefers Timothy, and his meals are senior food.  They had taken all of his straw out and he is on cardboard which sounds an odd type of bedding but it is quite soft actually when it’s broken into small pieces.

I took him out for about 25 minutes, 20 of those were walking as he seems to want to do a lot of that!  He will eat patches of clover if he finds them but walking is his pleasure.  We were going round a big block and a couple of times I let the rein loose to see where he wanted to go and he turned himself!  He doesn’t hang around when he walks either – no meandering about for him.

When I went to take him back in he stopped a couple of times just to look around and I was picturing yesterday’s scene, standing at the open door for ten minutes but to my surprise he walked straight in.  I was sure that waiting at the door to put my plastic boots on was going to stop the momentum but no.  The nurse greeted him with a couple of carrots as a reward!  I unhooked the shank and he rolled (I think he was itchy because of the flies) and then went back to his hay.  Very contented man.

I gave him everyone’s love and best wishes, told him of all the nice notes that people had sent and also told him everyone was waiting for him to come home.

Didn’t take photo’s today as I didn’t think to use my phone to take one!  Maybe tomorrow.{jcomments on}

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