No significant findings

That was the news that greeted me today which is good news but they still are flumoxed as to why his fibrinogen is high.  Well, he’s in the best place to work it out!

After greeting me with nickers the first few days he now looks at me as if to say “Ah, you again!”  But then he comes over for his shank to be put on so I guess he’s not too disappointed!

WindowThis is the window you can spy at him through!

We went out for our regular walk and were out for 30 minutes today.  I just let him eat and walk and pretty much do what he wants.  Eventually the flies get to him so he leads me home.














Looking_acrossHe’s really into the routine there and he settles right down after his walk to eat his hay and look out of his window.{jcomments on}

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