Not going in!

I’ve wondered as time has gone on if I would think of something to say every day about Better Talk Now, but he doesn’t disappoint!  Apart from the game from yesterday wanting to go out of the gate (today he walked along the grass, skimming his nose but not eating it, so he could turn right at the end – towards the gate)!  His antic today was his old one of not going in the stall!  He did that the first day I took him out but he hasn’t done it recently.  It’s been on my mind as he’s always done that and it’s a big game to him.  As I’ve been going to New Bolton so often they leave me to it, boot and gloves on, pick feet, take boots off at door and go for a walk!  That’s fine until I find myself trying to go the other way.  He doesn’t just stop either, he turns himself sideways to the door!  That way you have to make a circle, etc, etc.!  I had to call someone out of the break room to help and of course when I had to stop to put the boots on to go in – another excuse to stop!  Eventually the guy said to just leave the boots and put them on in the stall!  The whole time he was either looking at something in the distance or had that nonchalant look on his face!  You gotta love him!

Below are a couple of photo’s taken by Carrie Gilbert from Flaxman Holdings of him running in New York in 2008.  Remember his extended blinker, and the New York gate crew knew him so well!



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