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Awixa 2006

Career Racing Summary:
Starts  Firsts  Seconds  Thirds  Earnings
    5         0        2            0     $16,157

awixa fairhill 14 001 copy










Colleen Chambers is now the proud owner of sweet Awixa.  We lost track of him for a while when he left here but a chance meeting brought him back.  Colleen says “I’ve owned him for about 4 years now, and have had the absolute best time with him.  Between eventing, dressage, jumper shows, paperchases, and trail rides we stay pretty entertained.  He is quite the athlete, and also has the best manners of any horse I’ve ever owned.  He’s also been a very sound horse.  Needless to say, I am very happy to have found him and to have made the connection to his past”!

When I opened the photo it was entitled Fair Hill so he was at a show right here!


Ballast 2001

Career Racing Summary:
Starts Firsts Seconds Thirds Earnings
   56     12       12         5     $ 575,380

Ballast w blues

Ballast was retired at the age of ten years old and now lives on the Eastern shore with Trish Bosley Bangier and is wonderfully happy going on trail rides in the woods and by the water. Now he’s progressed to small hunter shows and doing very well.

Ballast at the Easton Show in June 2013


Baron Slew 2007

Career Racing Summary:
Starts  Firsts  Seconds  Thirds  Earnings
   22       3          6           4    $ 34,414

Baron Slew









Baron Slew is not a very big horse but we loved him for the way he tried in his races.  He eventually got claimed and we followed his progress from Kentucky to South Dakota to Nabraska and back to South Dakota.  He was eventually running at the bottom of the ladder so Graham and Anita bought him back and he is now with Trish Bosley (who has Ballast and Red Dust).  She was chosen out of many applicants to have a horse to show at Stuart Pittman’s Thoroughbred Makeover in October.  Baron had a few feet issues he is getting over but apart from that he is a bonny horse with a great outlook.  Trish sent a couple of video’s below and they are from when she first started getting on him.

Baron Slew’s ride

Baron’s third ride


Belvoir 2009

Career Racing Summary:
Starts  Firsts  Seconds  Thirds  Earnings
    1        0          0           0    $ 1,000











Belvoir is now named Kolohe which means rascal in Hawaiian, which it appears he is!  He is being re-trained by Emily Siegrist who works for Stuart Pittman and apart from chewing the tail of Emily’s six year old, he carries brooms, sticks and halter around!

Belvoir stretching his legs with a rider on him for the first time after his layoff.

New video of him doing dressage

Belvoir dressage

Belvoir cross country


Better Talk Now 1999

Career Racing Summary:
Starts Firsts Seconds Thirds Earnings
  51      14        8         5     $ 4,356,664

Blackie-for-Graham-41610 D31













He is of course retired here at Herringswell Stables and keeps the other old warrior Gala Spinaway company.


Better Than Bonds 2002

Career Racing Summary:
Starts Firsts Seconds Thirds Earnings
   41     7         13        7   $ 569,437


Bondsy, as we affectionately called him is now living with Priscilla Hoblitzell. He has recently had an injury which may prevent him from showing again but she is taking great care of him.

Photo courtesy of Conklin Photography


Brenda Leigh 2008

Career Racing Summary:
Starts Firsts Seconds Thirds Earnings
    1      0         0          0         0














Brenda Leigh is still owned by her racing owner Jack Swain as he wanted to keep in touch and take an interest in her ‘next’ career. She is being trained by Pat Dale and is due to make her first start in a show in the Fall.


Cherokee Artist 2005 – 2014

Career Racing Summary
Starts  Firsts  Seconds  Thirds  Earnings
   56      13        11           8    $ 909,515










Chief Running Bear 2003

Career Racing Summary
Starts  Firsts  Seconds  Thirds  Earnings
    7        3           1         0      $ 88,578










Chief Running Bear is now owned by Whitney Morris and you can see lots of photos and updates she posts on her Facebook page.


Danehill Sunset 2007

Career Racing Summary
Starts Firsts Seconds Thirds Earnings
  10       1        1          4    $ 13,942

Doby jumpg













‘Doby’ as he is now affectionately called is eventing with Hillary Irwin, the granddaughter of Toby’s Corner’s owners Dianne and Julian Cotter. “We were lucky enough to pick up Doby in August of 2011. He came to North Carolina, had a few months off, and has now started his new career as an event horse. Doby made himself the center of attention from the beginning and shows no signs of relinquishing that abiility any time soon! He has just started his new career with two Beginner Novice events under his belt; placing fourth at both! What a superstar! Doby knows no strangers, he is like our third lab (we have a yellow and a black – and now we have a red)! He has fit in wonderfully here and seems to be thoroughly enjoying his new career; his favorite jumps include ditches, water and liverpools. You do not find that too often! We are so happy to have the Little Irish Redhead with us and we are so looking forward to his future”.

“Doby’ show jumping

Update – 4/3/2014 – Doby is fantastic. He just finished 4th at his third prelim at Southern Pines. He was fabulous! He will probably stay at prelim thru the year, but he already feels about ready to run intermediate- so there is a possibility of that happening this fall, or else he will finish up the year with a one star and nice long vacation! Here is his SJvideo from his last run; always things to work on, but I’m so happy with how he is coming along.

Third prelim


Easy To Say No 2005

Career Racing Summary:
Starts Firsts Seconds Thirds Earnings
    6       1         2          0    $ 51,320

Easy To Say No













Lisa Munyan went to the owners farm to get Easy To Say No and said “a groom was driving a 4-wheeler across the fields whilst leading a horse. This little chestnut was totally unperturbed to be trotting behind this loud machine! When he pulled up in front of us and Suzanne said this is the horse I want you to see, I said right then and there, we’ll have him”! Any horse that can leave his buddies behind and happily trot behind an atv is worth its weight in gold! And he has proven that!

We have had him now for two years and he is absolutely lovely! He lives with an old pony Jupey and a naughty 2yo called Monkey who needs a mentor!  Although all I do is slow trail rides, my daughter Aurora is having a lot of fun on him. Her aim is to see if he will hunt one day and we are slowly introducing him back into riding in groups. The first time he went out on a group trail ride he thought  it was race time! But he has worked it out now and regularly and CALMLY goes out with a neighbor and her pony.

Anyway, Sue, Easy has a forever home here. He is MUCH loved and even though he leads a pretty quiet life compared  to some of your other Warriors in that he is not competing (yet!) he fills our hearts with joy and as a very great man once said, the outside of a horse is very good for the inside of a man!


Gala Spinaway 1988

Career Racing Summary:
Starts Firsts Seconds Thirds Earnings
   41     15      10          2    $ 691,867











Everyone refers to Gala Spinaway as Better Talk Now’s buddy but as you can see he was a decent racehorse himself! He was Graham’s first Stakes winner. He won multiple Stakes, winning a Grade 3 as well being placed a number of times, including 2nd in the Pennsylvania Derby. In training he was a bit of an ogre but is sweet as can be now! Spinaway resides at Fair Hill and loves to have visitors.


Great Belief 2006

Career Racing Summary:
Starts Firsts Seconds Thirds Earnings
   5       0         1           0    $ 4,750










Emily Siegrist works for a three-day event rider and as part of her salary she’s allowed to take one horse at a time and put it through it’s paces to see what element she thinks it will best work in. She then finds the perfect home for them. Great Belief was one of her stars and this is what she says about him

Great Belief: Just as pretty of a horse as you can imagine. So in your pocket, quick learner and loads of natural uphill gaits. I did not have him as long as Sally Cousins snapped him up. (Sally Cousins is the leading lady event rider in the nation). We called him Charlie because he was always getting picked on by the older horses because he would not leave them alone. I dreaded coming to the barn and seeing what fresh bite/scraps he would have. Currently Charlie is competing at novice level.

Below is a video of him and once you’ve watched it there are others at the side to see also.



Huacut 2007














This is not a great photo but this is Huacut in his new life as a trail riding horse in Maine (hence the windswept weather). He’s owned by Dr. Paula Benner.


Independent George 2003

Career Racing Summary
Starts  Firsts  Seconds  Thirds  Earnings
   44       8          9           4     $395,464

George meeting dog













Independent George was always that! He’s still a little quirky according to his new owner Kari Thorson from North Dakota.  He was originally given to someone in Florida and how he made his way up to a large farm for retired horses in North Dakota is anyone’s guess.  Thankfully Kari got in touch with the farm wanting a grey horse and they chose George for her.  He’s very happy, has put on a load of weight and the photo shows him meeting her Boston Terrier for the first time.  Apparently he was fascinated!  She says he’s adjusted very well to his new life and after a bit more R & R after his rough North Dakota winter she will start riding him.


Jade’s Revenge 2003

Career Racing Summary:
Starts Firsts Seconds Thirds Earnings
  40       8         5        12    $ 413,128












Sherri Fenwick retired Jade’s Revenge to her farm in Maryland. She absolutely loves him (of course). To follow is her bio on him:

He looks just great and behaves so well. He has even learned to gallop through cows! January of 2011 I sent him to Billy Santoro at his Prospect Farm in Monkton, MD. He is an excellent horseman and under his tutelage Jade and I have blossomed.
In the beginning Jade REFUSED to jump and REFUSED to stand still at a check. Of course streams were an issue and being alone without his pals didn’t happen. He is very opinionated in his turn out field. He goes out for about 10 hours a day and then comes in to his well bedded, cozy stall with heaps of beautiful hay. He is well known for his turn out behavior, if he doesn’t like a turn out mate he pesters them until they have to leave! In the last month he has gone hound walking, then cubbing and just last Sunday (being ridden by Billy) he went to the GreenSpring Hunter Trials in the 3 ft pairs class. He and his pair got a pink ribbon! Jade is probably the nicest horse I have ever had the good fortune to ride and that is counting all those wonderful horses I rode at Jonathan Sheppard’s barn.

As a footnote Sherri also told me that the day of the earthquake he was being really fidgety, both in the stall and being ridden. She said he’s NEVER like that and none of the other horses were behaving that way. He knew!


Kilbeggan 2009

Career Racing Summary:
Starts  First  Second Third  Earnings
   3        0         0        0    $1,039










Kilbeggan is owned by Hillary Irwin who also has Danehill Sunset.  He was bred and owned by her grandmother Dianne Cotter and is related to Wood Memorial Toby’s Corner.  As you can see from his race record it was pretty dismal but Hillary says: Little Kilbeggan is no longer little! He is a very solid 16.1ish, with an attitude that makes him seem about 17h! He seems to be the real deal. What a fantastic horse. He is all around lovely, and has always been delightful to deal with- but, if he squeals, you had best hold on and fasten your seatbelt! He has such a personality, it is unreal. He thinks he’s hysterical, I am still deciding :). I started working him somewhat properly in April, he started jumping in May, and he has now completed three novice events. He was 2nd in his last two events, and has scored at 26, 28 and 29 at all three on the flat. He is an absolute machine cross county and a total blast. He’s quite quirky in that he will only really participate if he is interested, lucky for me he loves jumping and dressage, but I can see why he was so slow racing!



Lord Snooty 2005

Career Racing Summary:
Starts Firsts Seconds Thirds Earnings
   5       1         0          1    $ 20,350











Lord Snooty is now a show horse in Virginia.


Old Master Expert 2008
Career Racing Summary
Starts  Firsts   Seconds   Thirds   Earnings
    7       1           1             1     $11,606

Old Master Expert










Old Master Expert is with Charlie and Sherry Fenwick.  His nickname is ‘Art’ which is perfect.  Sherry says his life is constantly interrrupted by trying to keep shoes on but is a bonny horse with loads of character.  In between foot issues he’s doing a bit of hunting which he enjoys.


Red Dust 2006
Career Racing Summary
Starts   Firsts   Seconds   Thirds   Earnings
    6         2           1            0     $19,479

Red Dust hunting













Red Dust has been renamed Beignet and he is Ballast’s room mate in St. Michaels, Maryland.  Trish Bosley Brangier now owns him and apart from hunting he gives lessons and goes on long trail rides.  Trish says he is so sensible and loves children!


Rockabella Song 2008

Career Racing Summary:
Starts  Firsts  Seconds  Thirds  Earnings
   12       1          1           1     $15,430

AJ on Rockabella Song2













Rockabella Song was actually bought from us and the trainer who bought her found her a good home when she retired.  She goes for training and this 4 year old little girl called AJ wanted to ride her…. adorable!  Have to say, she was always a sweet filly.


Royal Guard 2000

Career Racing Summary:
Starts Firsts Seconds Thirds Earnings
  15       6        2          1   $ 123,816

Royal Guard show









Royal Guard was one of my (Sue’s) most favourite horses ever. He is owned by Alex Regula and she wrote this sweet bio on him.

I’ve had him for four years now and never plan on getting rid of him! He’s now known as Troy around the barn and A Bold Promise at shows because after being on him one time I knew how much potential he had and that we could get through anything as a team. I fell in love with his affectionate and smart personality right away. Looking for a new horse to advance with I wanted a big chestnut with as much white as I could find. I just love everything about him! It took some adjusting for him to get used to different style of riding but we are currently competing in local hunters going around 2’6 courses smoothly. The first year I had him he received a big blue ribbon only a few shows into the season at York Country Day School doing 2’6 pairs on the outside course. For the 2012 show year I plan on eventing, taking him Beginner Novice and advancing as he proves himself even more. He loves learning new things in dressage and shows his talent every time I ride. He’s fine out on the trails alone or with young high spirited horses. He has had young children and first time riders on him and knows exactly how to behave. Troy is just the best all-around quiet horse and still has so much room to grow in the show ring.


Salinja 2002

Career Racing Summary:
Starts Firsts Seconds Thirds Earnings
  39        6       11          7  $ 340,859















Salinja is now owned by Graham and Anita and is looking for a forever home.


Sampo 2008

Career Racing Summary:
Starts  Firsts  Seconds  Thirds  Earnings
    1        0          0           0        $900










Sampo is now owned by Heather Jenkins and she says “I have thoroughly enjoyed training Sampo for a new career in Hunter/Jumpers. He greets me in the paddock with his ears forward knowing it is time to “Go to Work”. You can tell he enjoys his new job and enjoys all the new experiences such as cross country, horse shows, hunter paces, covered arenas with mirrors, and is now ready to be enjoyed by an intermediate amateur rider. He quickly became a barn favorite and has found a home at Red Horse Farm and I am just glad to be part of it”. 


Satu Mare 2008

Career Racing Summary:
Starts Firsts Seconds Thirds Earnings
  5         1         1         0     $17,800













Satu Mare is learning how to event, starting with dressage. She will hopefully make her first start in a show in the Fall. She is presently with Pat Dale in Conowingo, Maryland.



Thankyoupapaluke 2008
















Thankyoupapaluke was a big two year old who probably wasn’t going to be a racehorse so he went to Pat Dale in Conowingo who retrained him. He is now a fox hunter.


Thought And Memory 2010

Career Racing Summary
Starts  Firsts  Seconds  Thirds  Earnings
    3        0          0           0           0

Thought and Memory was a horse who came to us from Ireland.  When he was ready for retirement Emily Siegrist fell in love with him.  She’s had him about a year now and he’s grown to almost 17 hands.  She sent a couple of videos (below), one of him going cross country and one dressage.  Both show how well he’s taken to these disciplines and she says he is also very good at show jumping but doesn’t have any up to date footage, but she will send some on.

Cross Country


Danny jumping


Danny dressage
















Torpedo Of Truth 2009

Career Racing Summary
Starts  Firsts  Seconds  Thirds  Earnings
    0         0         0           0           0

Torpedo Of Truth










As you can see, a very laid back horse rather like his brother Jade’s Revenge.  He is also owned by Charlie and Sherry Fenwick.  Torpedo of Truth, referred to by Charlie as “Torp” is a big handsome horse with the same athletic skill as his brother Jade to twist his body in mid air aiming at another horse!  I am hoping maybe by the end of the summer we might go to a little hunter show.


Trouble Free 2005

Career Racing Summary:
Starts Firsts Seconds Thirds Earnings
   2        0        0          0     $ 690














Trouble Free was another horse who Emily Siegrist had from us. The below is a video of him going through his paces and I noticed on the right side where there are other video’s is one of Boyd Martin on him. Boyd is an international eventer who won this years Fair Hill International. This is what Emily says about Trouble Free (she refers to him as Trouble Bubble as that’s what I called him)!

Trouble Free: A elegant bay gelding. I bought him when he was four and kept him a year and a half. An absolutely AMAZING jumper. Just look at his pictures, He evented up to novice level and competed at Upperville in the hunters! He was purchased by a wonderful woman who will keep him for life and spends most of his time on her 200 acre ocean front farm on Martha’s Vineyard. They take him down to the beach all the time. He is competing very successfully in Area 1 as an event horse. His barn name is Oscar because he is grumpy.



Will’s Vandy 2007

Career Racing Summary:

Starts Firsts Seconds Thirds Earnings
   1        0       0           0          0












As you can see, Will’s Vandy didn’t make a good racehorse but he makes a TERRIFIC dressage horse! Here he is being ridden by Boyd Martin’s wife. For people who follow eventing Boyd Martin is one of the top three day eventers in the world.










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