Retiree Heaven

I went to visit three of our retirees at the same farm on the Eastern Shore over the weekend.  Trish Bosley does a wonderful job and they are three of the happiest retirees!  She rides them herself, give lessons on them and makes sure they are not bored.  The day we visited she was giving her 5 year old neighbor a lesson while she was riding Ballast.

Their house

Trish Barn

Baron Slew

Baron Slew

Ballast sticking his tongue out!

Ballast tongue

Ballast in between his buddies Baron Slew (far end) and Merlin, the Connemara

Baron and Ballast

Red Dust

Red Dust

Below are Liza and Trish doing exercises.

Ballast exercises

Liza wanted to ride Ballast but what she really wanted to do was show off her ‘dismount’!

Liza getting off Ballast

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