Sanford Field Trip to Herringswell

Anita_with_helmet_D308318Blackies_Stall_D308337Class_D308362Chatting_with_Kurbat_D308343Gala_gets_trimmed_D308350Meeting_Blackie_D308386Betsy_D308359Jackson_the_cat_D308412With_Jades_Revenge_D308407Chappy Motion was excited to bring his 1st grade class from Sanford School on a field trip to Herringswell on Tuesday, May 4th.  Starting their day with a visit to the Fair Hill Nature Center, the class arrived at the barn at around 11:00 a.m. and enjoyed their lunches in the hay barn as Anita presented and explained various pieces of tack and equipment.  The group then gathered in the yard to watch farrier Mark Pino trim the hooves of Gala Spinaway.  Next, Adrian led out Better Talk Now, always the star of the show.  Everyone was treated to a walk-through of the barn, armed with peppermints to feed to their favorite horses.  Not to be ignored, Betsy the Goat and Jackson the Cat got plenty of attention too.  As an added surprise, each student was given a horseshoe and a photo of Blackie to remember their day at Fair Hill. 

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