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The vet is calling me soon but hopefully he will tell me that what I witnessed today was real!  I went with Maggie Kimmitt who took the photo’s. 


He’s the only one left in the Moran Critical Care unit.  It was uplifting to hear that the others have moved out but he was delighted to have some company!  We arrived in time for his walk and he was out of the door almost before I was (I had to take the booties off at the door) and that wasn’t that easy with him trying to keep walking!  He went straight to a patch of clover on the hill, then he went for a walk, then he had some more grass, another walk and that went on for about 20 minutes.  I told the nurse they needed better grass as it was rather patchy!


The best part was when we went to go back in the stall – he wouldn’t!  Just like normal!  He’s done that for as long as I can remember.  Nothing you can do to tempt him either, he just goes in in his own time when he’s good and ready.  While he stood there we put fly spray on him thinking it might annoy him enough to go in his stall but he made sure he kept well away from there!  Eventually, the nurse went around the corner and he watched her.  She came back with a big broom and she was still 50 yards away and he walked straight in!  We laughed!

For_website_D307102He still wears his muzzle between meals as they don’t want him to guzzle everything!  Small steps please!

We left him looking out of his window, very contented and I’m sure waiting for his next walk at 8pm this evening.

For_website_D307133P.S.  He had some more visitors today apparently.  Emily, the nurse didn’t know who they were but she said they arrived at the office wanting to see him!

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