Still doing well

When I got there today he was in x-ray.  They had x-rayed two things.  His lungs and his neck.  The lungs as they thought that’s where the residue inflammation might be.  Dr. Garcia showed me the two x-rays, one from when he got there and now, and there was definitely some inflammation still there.  So, that’s good that they think they have pinpointed the cause of the high fibrinogen.  The x-ray that puzzled me was the neck!  They’d noticed him getting a little stiff in the neck occasionally and wanted to make sure they weren’t missing anything.  They found some arthritis in the upper part of his neck and said for a retired horse this is not a problem as long as he doesn’t have to eat anything up high.   Here we have haybars which go in the corner of their stalls and of course grass is on the ground!

I went into the x-ray room and gave him a peppermint just as they were opening the door behind him to go out.  He took the peppermint and then literally spat it out to turn around to get out that door!!

Erin, his private resident (he was her only patient today) came for our walk with us and tried to get him to pose with his head out of his door when he got back which he was not being too co-operative about!











I couldn’t go today without taking a photo of the mini pony who was in his ‘ward’ a few days ago but was sent across to the isolation unit.  She’s better now and is thinking of going home tomorrow but she is so adorable!



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