Sunday morning

Just spoke to Dr. Garcia who is still upbeat on Blackie’s progress.  He said now we’re not messing with him so much he’s a really sweet horse!  He’s still tolerating food and water well but his blood work is not quite where he wants it.  The fibrinogen is a little elevated which means there is still some inflammation somewhere.  He thinks it is left over from the enteritis but obviously they want to keep an eye on him.  I asked loads of questions like would it come back, when he arrives home will he be totally over it?  He explained that they still don’t really know the cause but it could have been something he ate that caused the infection and if that is the case they don’t anticipate it returning (unless he eats the same thing again)!  He said he is not sending him home until he is totally happy with everything but again, he stressed that it might be sooner than later!

I felt happy after speaking with him and of course I’ll give another update after seeing him again today.{jcomments on}


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