Ian Wilson

Ian Wilson

How long have you worked for Herringswell Stables?  Since July 2017.

How did you become involved with horses?  Well, growing up in Saratoga Springs, NY it was kind of inevitable. 

What was your first racing-related job? Well I have to say that this is my first “racing-related” job. I had some jobs here and there on the backstretch, but I’ve been the most involved here at Herringswell. I’ve also worked on a few breeding farms and have worked for a few consignors at the sales. After college, I also did the Irish National Stud course. Once I graduated from that course, then I came back to America and started working for Graham this past summer. 

What is your favorite racing memory? Probably being at the Belmont when American Pharoah won the Triple Crown- that was an unbelievable atmosphere. I also then got to come out to the Breeder’s Cup at Keeneland and saw him win the Classic in the same year. 

Any other fond memories? For me, I’ve had a blast getting to work with Almond Roca here with Graham. We had her down in Tampa over the winter and she’s just such a personable filly to work with that she’s a lot of fun. She also won two Stakes in a row this winter which made it an even better winter!