Thoroughbred Makeover and National Symposium

Last weekend at Pimlico Racecourse 26 trainers showed what “Off The Track Thoroughbreds” can do in second careers.  The criteria was that all horses had to have raced and not done any re-training until they started the training for this Symposium.  It was incredible as there were horses performing dressage, show jumping (including Grand Prix jumping), barrel racing, polo and ranch work.  We had an ‘ex’ horse there called Baron Slew.  He didn’t do too much as apparently when he went back to the track he got rather upset so the organizers decided that Trish Bosley (his new owner) could show him at the barn.  She demonstrated massage and yoga on him (for horses)! and a two year old child was his almost constant riding companion.  He apparently loves children and is so happy when he’s around them.  Here are some photos that Maggie Kimmitt took of Baron Slew on the day…..




Baron Slew in the opening ceremony.  This is while he was calm!















Part of his stretching exercises













Baron with his biggest fan waving to her fans!





Maryland Racing made a speech at the start to say they are committed to the re-training and re-homing of OTTB’s and are happy to make this an annual event.   Great news!

Video link of the weekend


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