Two retirees

I caught up with a couple of our retirees today.  I went to see Credulity who lives not far from here on a quiet farm in Conowingo.  The girl who has him is now 17 and she’s had him since she was 12.  He turned 8 this year.  He was a promising Pin Oak home bred until he fractured a sesamoid but he has found his forever home.  Cara and Cru absolutely adore each other.  She called him across the paddock (she said he’s the only one of her horses who will come like that)!  He puts his head straight in her arms for a hug and then he has his favorite treat in this weather – the hose!!!  Cara turns it on and he literally turns in a circle for her until he’s suitably wet!!  He’s going to his first horse show on July 31st, a hack show which she said he loves and is much easier to ride than her ponies as he goes forward all the time and she doesn’t really have to do anything!!  Good luck Cru and Cara.

I didn’t see the other one, our old pony Harry, but they are friends of Credulity’s owner and he has a great life on a dairy farm living out with the cows!  The lady didn’t really want a horse to ride, just a ‘pet’ and as Harry was fed up with being ridden this was the perfect match.  He must be about 24 now!{jcomments on}

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