Easy To Say No 2005

Lisa Munyan went to the owners farm to get Easy To Say No and said “a groom was driving a 4-wheeler across the fields whilst leading a horse. This little chestnut was totally unperturbed to be trotting behind this loud machine! When he pulled up in front of us and Suzanne said this is the horse I want you to see, I said right then and there, we’ll have him”! Any horse that can leave his buddies behind and happily trot behind an atv is worth its weight in gold! And he has proven that!

We have had him now for two years and he is absolutely lovely! He lives with an old pony Jupey and a naughty 2yo called Monkey who needs a mentor!  Although all I do is slow trail rides, my daughter Aurora is having a lot of fun on him. Her aim is to see if he will hunt one day and we are slowly introducing him back into riding in groups. The first time he went out on a group trail ride he thought it was race time! But he has worked it out now and regularly and CALMLY goes out with a neighbor and her pony.

Anyway, Sue, Easy has a forever home here. He is MUCH loved and even though he leads a pretty quiet life compared  to some of your other Warriors in that he is not competing (yet!) he fills our hearts with joy and as a very great man once said, the outside of a horse is very good for the inside of a man!



Easy To Say No 2005

Career Racing Summary:
Starts Firsts Seconds Thirds Earnings
6       1         2          0    $ 51,320

Easy To Say No

November 21st, 2016

Fantastic update!

easy-potomac-side-saddle easy-to-say-no-hunter-pace

Lisa is riding him side saddle at a side saddle meet at the Potomac Hunt, and previously jumping a coop at a Hunter Pace.  Very versatile!

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