Red Dust 2006 – 2017

Red Dust has been renamed Beignet and he is Ballast and Baron Slew’s room mate in St. Michaels, Maryland.  Trish Hechter now owns him and apart from hunting he gives lessons and goes on long trail rides.  Trish says he is so sensible and loves children!  Since she’s had him he also grown from about 15 hands to 16.2 hands.


Red Dust 2006
Career Racing Summary
Starts   Firsts   Seconds   Thirds   Earnings
6         2           1            0     $19,479

Red Dust hunting

She said he loves children and it’s obviously reciprocated!

Sad news – October 28th, 2017

Three Sundays ago my wonderful OTTB from Uruguay hurt his right hind foot in an accident while running around in his turnout field.

Wednesday it was discovered how devastating this injury was. There was a place on the front of his coffin bone that had been eaten away by an infection, the size of a 50 cent piece. Due to the weakness in the bone, there was a fracture of one of the wings of the coffin bone as well.

Yesterday we said “Goodbye” to Beignet.

My partner and I were graciously given Beignet, then known as Red Dust, by Herringswell Stables Graham Motion and his owner in November 2011.  When I learned of the availability of Red Dust, my partner’s brother had just died and my wonderful, old, OTTB Chumley also had just died.  This horse had a large job at hand, one more animals probably step up for than realized. Help two people heal from the loss of others.  One of my partner’s sisters-in-law came up with the perfect name for him, Beignet. It fit him in so many wonderful ways.

He was loved by many and will be missed by more.

Thank you Beignet. I love you dearly and miss you deeply.

With his friend Liza

With his friend Bill


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