Woulda, Coulda, Shouder

Not very good English but that’s how I felt after today’s race.  Racing luck is so annoying.  I know I’m rather biased but I feel strongly that Animal Kingdom was the best horse in the Preakness and again in today’s Belmont.  Look how far back he was in the Preakness after backing off the dirt and then today when he was trying to do everything right on yet another new surface for him, he nearly got brought down at the start.  At least Johnny Velazquez gave him a chance to do what he could in an impossible situation but a horse is only able to sustain a burst of speed like that for a certain amount of time and with the horses in front not slowing down on the fast surface he stood no chance of catching up.

This horse it seems can run on any surface – he is an amazing racehorse!  Derby – Breeders Cup Classic double.  That will be fun!{jcomments on}



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