Yesterday’s breezes

Quite an international flair for yesterdays breezes.  First Main Sequence and Bravodino.  Both owned by Flaxman Holdings with Main Sequence running in England prior to coming Stateside and Bravodino running in France.

Dana26 0115 MainSequenceBravodino  DBW4876






David Nava – Main Sequence

Mark O’Dwyer – Bravodino









Dana26 0115 MainSequence  DBW4893






Making his move………









Next up, Ring Weekend (outside) and Glenard who ran in England

Dana26 0115 RingWeekendGlenard  DBW4930






Leo Molina – Ring Weekend

Valetin Seguy (from France) – Glenard







Main Sequence cooling out and looking happy.  All photos by Dana Wimpfheimer.

Dana26 0115 MainSequence PM  DKW4421

Dana26 0115 MainSequence PM  DKW4434



































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