Your Out’s Forever Home

This is a very different post from having current winners.  Your Out is a past winner.   She had an amazing race record (below) and was a very dear part of the team.

Your Out race record

She was bought a couple of years after her retirement and had what she thought was a forever home.  Unfortunately the owner fell on hard times and after a series of events (absolutely no fault of his) she ended up at auction and was bought by a kill buyer.    Thankfully an organization got in touch with us and we had the opportunity to buy her back.  She’s been with a lovely lady in Colora, Maryland while she was in quarantine and now she is ready to leave for Country Life Farm in Maryland.

Country Life Farm

Country Life have very kindly offered her a permanent home.  They knew her briefly as they got her ready for her sale many years ago.  We can’t thank them enough as although we try to find homes for our retirees, a 21 year old mare is not easy – and that’s sad as although they are older, they have many loving years to give.    I think most people are happy to help where they can so if anyone finds themselves in a situation like this, reach out to past connections, you never know.

Thank you everyone who has helped along this mare’s recent journey and without you we wouldn’t have been able to save her.


  1. Lorna LentiniJune 13, 2019

    Remarkable. Thank you Country Life Farm for doing the right thing.

  2. Susan WhitenackJune 13, 2019

    This is a beautiful conclusion for Your Out! Thank you, Herringswell Stable and Country Life Farm, for being so generous with your time and resources and LOVE.
    Helping this mare to find a true forever home is a lovely, lovely thing.

  3. MarkJune 13, 2019

    Thanks, we drive by the farm many times a week and always enjoy seeing the beautiful horses in the fields.

  4. Patton GoldbergJune 12, 2019

    Thank you Pons family!

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