Jade’s Revenge 2003

Sherry Fenwick retired Jade’s Revenge to her farm in Maryland. She absolutely loves him (of course). To follow is her bio on him:

He looks just great and behaves so well. He has even learned to gallop through cows! January of 2011 I sent him to Billy Santoro at his Prospect Farm in Monkton, MD. He is an excellent horseman and under his tutelage Jade and I have blossomed.
In the beginning Jade REFUSED to jump and REFUSED to stand still at a check. Of course streams were an issue and being alone without his pals didn’t happen. He is very opinionated in his turn out field. He goes out for about 10 hours a day and then comes in to his well bedded, cozy stall with heaps of beautiful hay. He is well known for his turn out behavior, if he doesn’t like a turn out mate he pesters them until they have to leave! In the last month he has gone hound walking, then cubbing and just last Sunday (being ridden by Billy) he went to the GreenSpring Hunter Trials in the 3 ft pairs class. He and his pair got a pink ribbon! Jade is probably the nicest horse I have ever had the good fortune to ride and that is counting all those wonderful horses I rode at Jonathan Sheppard’s barn.

As a footnote Sherri also told me that the day of the earthquake he was being really fidgety, both in the stall and being ridden. She said he’s NEVER like that and none of the other horses were behaving that way. He knew!


Jade’s Revenge 2003

Career Racing Summary:
Starts Firsts Seconds Thirds Earnings
40       8         5        12    $ 413,128


February 2023

Muddy and happy at 20!!


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