Kilbeggan 2009

Kilbeggan is owned by Hillary Irwin who also has Danehill Sunset.  He was bred and owned by her grandmother Dianne Cotter and is related to Wood Memorial Toby’s Corner.  As you can see from his race record it was pretty dismal but Hillary says: Little Kilbeggan is no longer little! He is a very solid 16.1ish, with an attitude that makes him seem about 17h! He seems to be the real deal. What a fantastic horse. He is all around lovely, and has always been delightful to deal with- but, if he squeals, you had best hold on and fasten your seatbelt! He has such a personality, it is unreal. He thinks he’s hysterical, I am still deciding :). I started working him somewhat properly in April, he started jumping in May, and he has now completed three novice events. He was 2nd in his last two events, and has scored at 26, 28 and 29 at all three on the flat. He is an absolute machine cross county and a total blast. He’s quite quirky in that he will only really participate if he is interested, lucky for me he loves jumping and dressage, but I can see why he was so slow racing!


Kilbeggan 2009
Career Racing Summary:
Starts  First  Second Third  Earnings
3        0         0        0    $1,039



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