Lion’s Share 2015

Although Graham didn’t train him, he and Anita bred him.  By Animal Kingdom out of their mare Miss Lombardi, he sold for $100,000 as a yearling and then $550,000 as a two year old.   When he was retired after his fifth race the owner kindly got in touch with Graham and Anita through as agent and asked if they would take him back – of course!

Lion’s Share 2015

Career Racing Summary

Starts  First  Second  Third  Earnings
5        0         0          3      $9,191.00

He has turned out to be a terrific foxhunter and took to it immediately according to Becky Harris who is his new owner and whose parents are the joint Masters of the Andrews Bridge Foxhounds.

Hunted first flight from the get-go, born to hunt!  Nothing fazed him.  Lots of creeks, mud, ditches, logs and hounds running under his feet.  He was a superstar quoted Becky.

His second hunt had him jumping coops, logs, walls – no problem!

Standing in for the whip horse who was exhausted after running about 15 miles in two hours.  Lion was still going strong!

His most recent endeavor on June 7th, 2020 was to do a little show at Plantation Fields.  He was amazing….

Here he is ponying the huntsman’s horse at full gallop as he had to get off as the hounds went through some wire and he had to follow them…on his own though he was clocked at just under 40 mph!

July 2021

Just a big lovebug!!

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