Multiple 2016

Multiple was claimed from us as a three year old.  He went to a good local trainer who he won a couple of races for.  The owner then sent him to his other trainer in Louisiana and we’re not sure how it happened but we had a frantic call one day that he was in the Bastrop Kill Pen.  The original trainer was called, who then called the owner, who then made a frantic phone call to his LA trainer.  He was gotten out of there and spent about 4 months on the farm putting on weight, etc.  The owner then sent him to The Winter Farm in North Carolina who are a boutique rehab and rescue and do a wonderful job.  As of writing (Dec. 2020) he’s still on turnout and enjoying his down time.  They are never in a hurry to adopt but if the right person comes along……

Multiple 2016

Career Racing Summary
Starts  First  Second  Third  Earnings
15        2          1               1   $38,000

After a mud bath – and all scrubbed up!  You can see he’s been there a while as he’s a chubby boy now!


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