Quaint 2011

Quaint ran a total of one time!!  He had some hind end issues after the race which took a while to resolve so the owners decided to turn him out for six months and find him a home.  As the issues had not been ‘diagnosed’ people were a little put off so we called Dale Simanton of Gate To Great who we had seen at the Thoroughbred Makeovers the past few years.  He is very impressive with the way he understands the horses, lets them work at their own pace and the amount of thoroughbreds who make ranch horses is pretty incredible!  Anyway, Dale saw some video, liked him, we sent him down in 2015 to Lexington with our Breeders Cup horses and where Dale was competing in the Makeover.  Afterwards he put him in his trailer and off he went to South Dakota where he was turned out for a period of time before Dale got on him.  From the first time he rode him I’ve had calls from Dale to say how much he likes him and how quickly he learns.  Below is his first ‘branding’ session and Dale said he couldn’t have been more professional.  Thank you Dale.  Photos by his wife “Dorothy Snowden/Gate to Great”

Quaint 2011

Career Racing Summary:
Starts   Firsts   Seconds   Thirds   Earnings
1             0            0              0          $700

QuaintBrand2 copy QuaintBrand4 copy QuaintBrand7 copy

Update October 17th, 2017

Hi Sue:

We had a group of photographers come out for a little cow gathering and roping demonstration. One of the photographers recently sent us this image, which I thought you’d appreciate.  This pair were the stars of the morning!


Fall 2017

Quaint in the middle between two of our other retirees, Sallal and Pendulum

February 2018

Photos by Dorothy Snowden

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