Sir Lancelot 2005

Lance was originally the Oklahoma State Reigning Champion and came to us in about 2015 when his owner had a horse here.  He came as the stable pony and was worth his weight in gold being a solid anchor for the nervous or just silly babies – and older horses!!  He was retired at the beginning of 2022 and has a wonderful home with Shelley and her granddaughter Leila.  This is him before he left in April….

and this is him in his first show in July!   From Shelley –  Super day… they are a winner if Grandma had coached her rider properly, I had no idea that they would tell them to drop their stirrups which I learned today meant to have their feet out of the irons for the first go around so I’m sure she got docked for that her and Lance were the best looking in the whole show of course 🙂


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