Tibr 2014

Tibr is a cute gelding who came to us from England and retired over here once his racing career was over.  As he’s a small horse there’s not a great market but our friend Dale Simonton in South Dakota, who has had a few small ones from us before, jumped at the chance!  Smaller horses are great for ranch work as they are easier to maneuver and to jump on and off to open gates!  Tibre has settled in well and he’s getting the winter off before starting back next spring.

Tibr 2014

Career Racing Summary:
Starts  First  Second  Third  Earnings
10       3           0            1     $53,984

A recent photo – think he has enough to eat?!

He’s settled in like a trooper!  He’s a real ranch horse now…

In his cowboy suit…

After a very short period of getting used to steers Tibr is a natural…

Roping practice – only his second time

Tibr roping calves


He also likes to play with his buddy Sallal who we also sent to Dale.  He’s on the right.

First cattle drive…

September 2022- still lovin’ ranch life!

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