Asthros 2019

Always the darling of the barn he only managed to run three times after a few stops and starts in his training as a younger horse.  We also had his mother Pachattack who was also a sweetheart.  He eventually sustained an injury that required a couple of screws in a hind leg.  Although this would not hinder his future performance as a riding horse (he could in fact have raced again), people were a little wary.  Thankfully April Ball and her daughter Lillian came long, did their homework and realized it would not affect him in the least.  He is now in a loving home in Kentucky.

Asthros 2019

Career Racing Summary

Starts   First   Second   Third   Earnings
3          0            1             1        $12,410

Mid March 2024

He has only been there for a week and a half and is already settling in nicely.  Can’t upload the videos but he has already bonded so well with Lillian playing ball, walking over small jumps etc.  Seems to be a match made in heaven!  His new name has been shortened to Astro which is perfect.


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