Chairman Garey 2010

Chairman Garey was claimed from us as a three year old and went on to run 100 times, retiring sound as a pound.  He’d been well looked after, particularly with his last trainer who got in touch with us to say that although he felt he could keep running he thought it was time to retire him and send him back where he belonged.  He came back to us, had some R & R and Sue Halderman, who already has her adorable Messi, took him as her last horse, to join him.  She’s named him Brody which means “brother” or “second son” which she says describes him perfectly!!, and they are already the best of friends.

Chairman Garey 2010

Career Racing Summary
Starts   Firsts   Seconds  Thirds   Earnings
100        12           20          20        $275,150

September 2021 – looking amazing with his buddy Messi

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