Lobkowicz Palace 2015

‘Lobster’ as he was affectionately known in the barn was the first foal of Grade 1 winner Karlovy Vary.  She went on to have two others, Mean Mary and Bye By Melvin, both of whom Graham trained to win Graded Stakes.  Unfortunately Lobster was a ‘bleeder’ so couldn’t perform at the top level.  He went through the November sales, ended up in claiming races and eventually was shipped to Puerto Rico to run.  That was the end of the road until a few years ago when the Caribbean Aftercare came into being.  A phone call to Kelley Stobie set things in motion and Mr. Campbell (his original owner and breeder) paid the trainer to buy him and then paid for quarantine, fly back to the mainland and some well earned R&R at Sandringham Farm in Ocala.

Hillary Irwin, who you will see if you read through the Warriors has had a few of our retirees as well as the retirees of her Grandparents was a obvious choice for setting him off on his new career.  She was local, takes GREAT care of the horses and follows them intimately if they are sold.  He’s only been with her a few weeks but sent this uplifting message…..

Lobster is great. Everyone loves lobster 🦞, he’s never met a stranger and is seriously just the easiest. I don’t know if that’s just him, or if he’s just grateful to not be hungry, but he hasn’t changed his attitude once, even now that he’s not skin and bones. It took me a couple days to respond because I was waiting for these photos (Taylor Pence Photography) – I think she did a great job of capturing him! Lobster is doing a lot of hacking, and some playing around with poles and flatwork. His feet were a mess, so we’ve got a handle on that now and he seems pretty sound, and happy. He loves attention, and actually seems to love being ridden. He babysat Providence Road on a road hack the other day – Prov hates the road….. and change of any kind! Lobster could care less, he is the best! The girl who works for us some loves him, so he’s gaining a fan club quite quickly.

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Lobkowicz Palace 2015

Career Racing Summary:

Starts   Firsts   Seconds    Thirds   Earnings
14          3             2                          $44,293

July 2021 – Lobster has the best new home!

I am so excited to have welcomed Lobster into the family. My sister works for Hillary and knew when she met Lobster that we’d be a great match. We are so in love with his sweet, genuine nature and how level-headed he is. He stayed on with Hillary for the past few months to continue his training and I’ve been flying back and forth to take lessons and develop our partnership. Hillary has done the most wonderful job restarting him and it is wonderful to see his progress. So far he quite enjoys the jumping and has taken to it so well. He even did his first little competition a few weeks ago and took home 1st and 2nd place ribbons!
I’ve included a few photos below and will happily keep you up to date on his progress. I absolutely adore Mr. Lobster and am so excited for the future with him!

September 27th, 2021

Happy to report Lobster is enjoying Massachusetts. He came up from Florida at the end of July and has enjoyed an easy going few months during the heat of the summer. Now that it’s cooler we are looking forward to doing more outings and competitions this fall. He continues to impress me everyday with how quickly he learns – sometimes I joke he is training himself! We went cross country schooling last week (he was a star) and are gearing up for our first event in a few weeks. Everyone at his barn in MA are so impressed with his easy-going and sweet nature. He is happy to trade snuggles for some extra cookies (we’ve discovered one of his favorite treats is watermelon) and now that there are less bugs he loves to trail ride and explore. He’s also getting ready for Halloween with his Lobster fly bonnet 😄
I’ve attached some recent photos of Lobster’s adventures (including in his cute Lobster hat!) and hope to get more soon!
I feel very lucky everyday to call this special boy mine. I couldn’t ask for a more patient and genuinely kind horse. We love him!
October 2021
I just wanted to let you know Lobster and I did our first event this weekend and he was a star! He had two clear jumping rounds and impressed everyone with his calm and willing attitude. His confidence with the jumping is growing so much! We are so very proud of him and he is quite pleased with himself as well 😄.
Halloween 2022

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