Narmer 2018

Although he was only in the barn a few months he was one of those horses who got into your heart and you couldn’t forget.  He was claimed by a trainer in Laurel and after a short time he was found running in Puerto Rico.  PR is often a final stopping point for horses as there are not many farms and the only retirement facility is the farm where they go if they are lucky to be shipped back to the mainland.  They can only take so many of course and some are not able to be rehabbed.

Narmer was one of the lucky ones as after many very generous donations he was able to be shipped to the Final Furlong rehab and rescue in Ocala, FL where in fact he was in broken and pre-trained as an early two year old with Nill Brennan.  He was VERY skinny and was found to have a splint bone fracture in his left hind leg with the suspensory pulled off.  Thankfully because it was found quickly he had has had all the correct recovery time.  The photos below are of him at the farm and he will soon be going to his new forever home not too far away!!

Narmer 2018

Career Summary:
Starts   First   Second   Third   Earnings
8            0          0             1        $7,553

November 2022 – leaving for his new home with Taylor

Starting off gently….

Nice sleep – his best fried Skotch in front!

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