Nutello 2009

Nutello came to us after finishing 3rd in the French Derby and when his form in France started tailing off.  It was soon apparent that he wanted to retire and start a new career so Hillary Irwin very kindly gave him a home and has given him plenty of time.  In 2015 he has been invited to do a demo at Rolex on April 24th and 25th.  Hillary and ‘Mo’ are very excited and below is a short video of his second jumping lesson.

The dates are April 24,25- the 24th (4pm) and 25th (10am) at the Horse Park, and the 24th is also at 7.30 pm at New Vocations at the thoroughbreds for all symposium.
I took Mo off the farm for the first time this weekend- he was so good, I’ve never had one be that well behaved! He also had a little cross country play around, and that was just so fun, it was the first I’ve ever “galloped” him (I think we were going novice speed :), and wow he is cool. He is well loved, that’s for sure!! I’ve put a link to his little video below-

Nutello second jumping lesson


I finally have some photos of mo for you! He’s SUCH a goof! We have the best time, and he’s a total “mamma’s boy”, it’s hysterical! I just love him.
I knew I liked him the first time I saw him, and now I know why! I think he has the best gallop I’ve ever sat on, and probably ever will, and that’s saying something! I’ve been very lucky to have fabulous gallopers, but he tops the list! I had the best time going cross country on him this weekend, he is going to be a phenomenal cross country horse- he finds it all quite fun, and interesting.
I really think he loves his new life, he is a bit fat and seems so happy.

Nutello 2009
Caareer Racing Summary
Starts  Firsts  Seconds  Thirds  Earnings
19       5          0          4      $416,364

Mo jumping

“Mo’ is now competing at Preliminary Level.  Here’s a video of his latest show.

Hillary Irwin and Nutello Rocking Horse Winter 3 Trials 2017

Update 8.23.2017 – taken at the Fair Hill event 8.13.2017

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