Off The Bourbon 2015

Off The Bourbon arrived shortly after her final race in November of 2018 and has settled into her new life in upstate New York. I have always loved mares, and their unique personality and Bourbon, as I call her, certainly has hers. She recognizes me the minute I pull into the farm, lifts her head and gives me a nod. She’s still all business when it comes to grooming and she sure loves being pampered, but also enjoys her turnout time with her new pasture pal, BYOB. It’s winter in upstate New York, not much snow and a lot of mud, so for now, we just hang out, and that’s fine with both of us. Happy New Year, Dana & Bourbon.

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Off The Bourbon 2015

Career Racing Summary:
Starts  Firsts  Seconds  Thirds  Earnings
6          1              0              0      $11,516

As you can see from the photos below she is very happy in her new home and with names like Off The Bourbon and BYOB they should be having fun!   Dana is going to let her tell her what she wants to do when she’s ready!

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